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Across Rainbows Rainbow Art
Across Rainbows LGBTQ+ Brighton & Hove

About Us

At Across Rainbows, our goal is to empower members of the LGBTQ+ community to
embrace their unique identities. We believe that it's time for individuals to break free
from societal norms and define themselves on their own terms.


Through our talks, workshops, and supportive community, we offer a safe and nurturing space for queer people from all walks of life to discover their true selves, make bold moves, and flourish.

Our story began with Luciana Cousin and her son Nick, who founded Across Rainbows
in response to their own struggles with societal pressures. For too long, LGBTQ+
individuals have been pressured to conform to a narrow definition of acceptability, which
has resulted in a collective and individual crisis of low self-esteem.

Ultimately, Across Rainbows is a movement that redefines queer identity because we
are committed to empowering individuals to be their true selves and to challenge the
status quo. We believe that by working within a framework of courage, kindness, and
resilience, we can create a world that is more accepting, inclusive, and loving for

At Across Rainbows, we are on a mission to redefine queer identity, and we do so by celebrating and embracing the diverse stories and experiences of the individuals we connect with. 

Our brand is fueled by the passion and creativity of our community, and we are committed to creating a safe and inclusive space where everyone can express themselves authentically.

We are honoured to be a part of our community's journey towards self-discovery and self-love. We will continue to push boundaries and challenge norms to create a more just and equitable world for all.

Redefining Queer Identity

At Across Rainbows, we are witnessing an unprecedented shift in the world of LGBTQ+ acceptance and empowerment.


For too long, queer individuals have been marginalised and silenced, forced to conform to a society that fails to recognise their inherent worth and beauty. But that is all changing now.

Our mission is to empower LGBTQ+ people to rise up and claim their sense of self with unwavering strength in the face of bigotry and hatred. We believe that love and acceptance will always triumph over intolerance and prejudice. Through exhilarating talks, life-changing workshops, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, Across Rainbows is fuelling a flame of hope and courage that will shine bright for generations to come.


Our goal is to empower queer people of all ages and backgrounds to make bold, fearless moves, thrive in every aspect of their lives, and take their rightful place in the world.

Join us in this movement. The time for change is now, and we will not be silenced.

Across Rainbows Rainbow Art
Across Rainbows Rainbow Art
Arcobaleno LGBTQ+ Venue Brighton

Our Mission

Who We Are

Across Rainbows is a passionate, fierce, and unapologetic call to action for all of us to embrace our true selves with courage, to rely on each other for support and to approach the world with the utmost kindness.

We know that being Queer is not just about who we love or how we identify. It's about creating a society that is inclusive, loving, and accepting of everyone, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, or expression.

We know that Queer identity is not a narrow definition, but rather a vast and colourful spectrum of experiences, and we are
committed to celebrating each and every one of them.


Why We exist

  • Across Rainbows dares to shine a light on the invisible, unacknowledged spaces where the Queer community's voices have been silenced. We are here to fill the gaps and reveal what has been missing, empowering our community to be seen and heard.

  • Across Rainbows stands for representation, holding space for the multitude of LGBTQ+ perspectives and experiences that have been suppressed. We are here to amplify voices that have been silenced for too long, creating a vibrant and diverse community where everyone's story is valued

  • Across Rainbows recognizes our responsibility to each other and to society as a whole. We are committed to building bridges, breaking down barriers, and creating a world that is more just and inclusive for all. Together, we can empower change and transform our communities. 

  • Across Rainbows believes in the power of voice. We know that speaking up can be scary, but we also know that it is essential. Our movement is dedicated to providing a safe space for everyone to share their stories without fear of judgment or shame. Together, we can empower each other to speak up and create a world where everyone's voice is heard.

  • Across Rainbows is all about building strong, resilient relationships. We believe in the power of reciprocity, creating a community where everyone has something to offer and something to receive. Through open communication, trust, and mutual support, we can create lasting relationships that nourish us and help us grow.

  • Across Rainbows is a celebration of difference. We know that it's our unique perspectives and experiences that make us strong. By embracing vulnerability and courage, we can learn from one another and create a community that is truly inclusive and supportive.

  • Across Rainbows is a movement for change, grounded in compassion, right action, justice, and love. We know that transformation comes from within and we are committed to doing the hard work to make it happen. By cultivating a community that is rooted in these values, we can create a world where everyone is valued, respected, and loved.

  • At Across Rainbows, we believe in leading by following and trusting those who are closest to the problem to take the lead. We empower those who understand the issue from their own lived experience, allowing for more effective and impactful solutions.

  • Across Rainbows values the importance of expressing oneself and sharing one's experiences without fear of subjugation, degradation, marginalization, or compromise. We create a safe and supportive space for people to delight, reflect, protest, comfort, commiserate and share, without judgment or censorship.

  • Across Rainbows celebrates and recognizes the diversity and uniqueness of every queer person. We honour and respect the individuality of each person, we are creating an inclusive and supportive community where everyone is valued and celebrated.

WHat We DO

At Across Rainbows, we understand that courage, kindness, and resilience are essential values for individuals within the Queer community. 

That's why we work with a framework that centres on these core values in everything we do. Together, by embracing our queer identities and connecting with our deepest desires, we can create a brighter future for generations to come, one that is built on authenticity, acceptance, and love.

Courage involves being true to oneself, standing up for one's beliefs, and being willing to take risks.


This can mean coming out, being open about one's needs and desires,and advocating for oneself and the community. Overall, courage for individuals in the LGBTQ+ community often involves taking risks to live an authentic life, standing up for oneself and others, and pursuing personal goals with determination and persistence. It requires facing fears and overcoming obstacles and is an essential quality for achieving success and happiness in life.

Kindness involves treating oneself and others with compassion, respect, and empathy.

This can mean practicing self-care, being supportive of others, and building strong relationships based on mutual understanding and respect. Kindness is important in building strong relationships and fostering empathy and compassion. It creates positive
feelings, increases empathy, fosters connection, and encourages reciprocity. By exhibiting kindness in our interactions with others, we can create a more positive and supportive environment for all.

Resilience involves bouncing back from challenges and setbacks, and staying strong in the face of adversity.


This can mean developing coping skills, seeking out supportive resources and communities, and finding ways to thrive in a world that can be hostile to LGBTQ+ individuals. Building resilience takes time and effort. By focusing on building a strong support network, practicing mindfulness and self-care, and focusing on personal strengths and goals, individuals in the LGBTQ community can cultivate resilience and
overcome adversity. It's important to remember that resilience is not about being invincible, but about developing the skills and strategies to bounce back from setbacks and stay strong in the face of adversity

By embodying these principles, we can achieve greater success and fulfillment in our relationships, sex lives, and overall well-being.

Through our workshops, support programs, safe spaces, and discussions, we strive to empower individuals to embrace their true selves and feel seen and heard. We believe that when individuals can live authentically and feel accepted, they can develop a
stronger sense of self-awareness and build the inner strength needed to navigate life's challenges.
Our workshops and discussions provide a platform for members of the community to connect with others who understand their experiences and share in their struggles and triumphs. We believe that through these conversations, we can develop a deeper sense
of empathy and understanding and build a community that is more supportive and resilient.
In addition, our support programs offer a safe and inclusive space for everyone to seek guidance, advice, and support from others who have been through similar experiences. We understand that the journey to living authentically can be challenging, and we
believe that everyone deserves to have access to the resources and support they need to thrive.
Overall, Across Rainbows is dedicated to empowering individuals within the LGBTQ+ community through the values of courage, kindness, and resilience. We believe that by working within this framework, we can help individuals to embrace their true selves,
connect with others, and build a community that is more supportive, inclusive, and accepting.

Arcobaleno LGBTQ+ cafe bar Kemptown Brighton

Our People

Meet our Across Rainbows family

Luciana Cousin Across Rainbows LGBTQ+ Community
Luciana Cousin
Founder | Director

Through challenging the current narrative and asking the hard questions, Luciana is committed to changing the conversation around mental health and suicide prevention for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Nick Cousin Across Rainbows LGBTQ+ Brighton & Hove
Nick Cousin

Nick’s all about giving queer people the power to shape their own stories. Nick's work with Across Rainbows is all about spreading the love and promoting acceptance for all.

Ellena Dobby Queerability Circles Brighton & Hove Across Rainbows
Ellena Dobby
Presenter | Co-ordinator

Ellena takes pride in her sexuality and femininity, refusing to shut it down for the society around her and uses her experience as a woman to drive her creative work.

Chloe Morris Creative Designer Across Rainbows LGBTQ+
Chloe Morris
Creative Designer

With a limitless imagination and fearless approach to creativity, Chloe is a true creative force! An animated short film they made is currently shortlisted for Best Animation for the Lift Off Season Awards!

Liz Varga PA Across Rainbows LGBTQ+ Brighton & Hove
Liz Varga
Personal Assistant

Liz is the ultimate multitasker: a PA with powerhouse communication skills, problem-solving abilities and an incredible talent for singing and performing.

tom image.jpeg
Tom Eames
Visual Content Creator

Tom is a talented filmmaker, photographer, and content creator who captures the essence of people and their stories. Through his work, he provides a platform for individuals to be seen and celebrated, fostering understanding and empathy. 

Melanie Blackwell Outreach Lead Across Rainbows LGBTQ+ Brighton & Hove
Melanie Blackwell
Outreach Lead

Melanie is a dedicated LGBTQ+ IDVA (Independent Domestic Abuse Advocate) specialising in supporting members of the LGBTQ+ community who have experienced domestic violence. With a deep understanding of their unique challenges, Melanie advocates for their rights and provides crucial guidance.

Esther Compostella Across Rainbows LGBTQ+ Brighton & Hove
Esther Compostella
Board Advisor

Esther helps organisations grow, change, and transform for the better. Esther's mission is to make a positive impact in the world, one organisation at a time.

Across Rainbows Rainbow Art
Andrew Flewitt Across Rainbows LGBTQ+ Community Brighton & Hove
Andrew Flewitt
Board Advisor

Andrew is a Queer artist specialising in Podcasts, Radio and Voiceover. Working with and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community is very important to him. His podcast ‘Queer I am’ has been downloaded in more than 40 countries.

Bradley Reynolds Across Rainbows LGBTQ+ Brighton & Hove
Bradley Reynolds
Board Advisor

Bradley is a travel agent with 33 years of experience selling holidays. He shares his passion, knowledge and experience to make your holiday truly exceptional. Bradley was the first person to advertise gay specialist holidays on Teletext as a travel agent in 2003. 

Across Rainbows Rainbow Art
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