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Invest in Arcobaleno

Shape the future for the LGBTQ+ community in Brighton’s newest queer social venue, located in the heart of Kemptown Village.


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There’s no place like Arcobaleno

Like Dorothy, LGBTQ+ people need a place to call home. 

Our identities have been judged, denied, questioned and assumed for too long. Right now, we need a place where we can fully relax and embrace our queer selves. Not how the world sees us, but who we really are — as individuals.


Arcobaleno is inspired by the Mediterranean piazza lifestyle. We’ll welcome every visitor with warmth, great food, excellent coffee and exceptional cocktails all day long. Every meal is a chance to relax and enjoy great conversation, from appetisers and mains, to desserts and espresso. 

Like a piazza, Arcobaleno is not just bricks & mortar, but an integral part of the local community. It is a place where all walks of life can gather day and night in a warm, safe, welcoming environment. 

Arcobaleno is not just a place; it inspires serendipitous meetings, new ideas and beautiful friendships. It is belonging to the queer society. It is daily life. It is home.




cafe culture

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food & drink

Events, talks & workshops

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Why we need you: 

You’re the missing piece in our story

All Dorothy had to do was click her heels to get back to Kansas. A way home had been there all along.

We’re looking for investors to be our red shoes and turn Arcobaleno from a beautiful idea into a thriving,

prosperous business.


Watch our video to find out why supporting a bricks and mortar home for Across Rainbows

is so important to the LGBTQ+ community:

Why you need us: 

This is your chance to make a meaningful investment

in a profitable business


ROI within 2 years

Profit within

15 months


Pioneer a

new, exciting

type of destination cafe


Support and champion the LGBTQ+ community

Why do we need Arcobaleno?


We know from market research and our own experience that LGBTQ+ safe spaces are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Evidence suggests that the LGBTQ+ community is more likely to experience a range of mental health problems which can be attributed to a range of factors such as discrimination, isolation and homophobia.

Arcobaleno LGBTQ+ Venue Brighton.jpeg
Arcobaleno LGBTQ+ Venue Brighton

What does Arcobaleno offer?


Arcobaleno is inspired by the Mediterranean piazza lifestyle. Every meal is a chance to relax and enjoy great conversation, It is an inspired gathering spot with a warm welcome, delicious food, exciting cocktails and charming people who support, celebrate and above all simply get one another.

Our objectives revolve around offering an accessible, respectful, inclusive, and confidential space, accompanied by high quality food and drink. 

Arcobaleno is in Kemptown Village, Brighton with high footfall. It has sufficient physical space to offer a complementary programme of events and meetings focusing on: 

  • A place to gather, meet and have fun, with a warm vibe inspired by the cultural café bars of the Mediterranean

  • A constant variety of entertaining, informative and inspirational events: live music, poetry, plays, drag, art and fashion shows and book launches

  • LGBTQ+ mental wellness talks and workshops

It is time to speak up. Not just online and in our own friendship circles.

We need a centralised place like Arcobaleno — an open piazza to inspire serendipitous meetings and host organised events. Arcobaleno will be a pillar for:




Experience, Knowledge and idea-sharing

Support and celebration of who we are

Friendship and compassion in the community

Arcobaleno is where we can be out as ourselves, whether it’s with our friends, partners, or as singles looking to meet new friends, find community, or even hook up.


Arcobaleno is open all day and most of the night

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The piazza:
a place to gather, meet and have fun

A piazza is more than a village or town centre. It’s an exciting place where everyone can come together — even if they don’t know anyone yet. To help reduce social isolation and build bridges, we’ll host great live music, poetry, plays, performances, Ted Style talks, open mic evenings, book launches, art shows, fashion shows and interviews. We’ll also work closely with local artists, musicians and performers to put on entertaining, informative and inspirational events.

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We are proud to host a constant variety of entertaining, informative and inspirational events at Arcobaleno, including free shows on Friday & Saturday nights.

We have everything from live music, poetry, plays, drag, art & fashion shows, book launches, the list goes on!

Believe in us. Fund us.

Be our red shoes and transport us home.

We are not willing to wait around for someone to do something we know we could do better. We are ready to hear from investors like you — now. Ask us questions, declare your interest, book a meeting to get to know us and let’s make Arcobaleno a reality. We have the people, the ideas and the determination to give LGBTQ+ people in Brighton and beyond a place to call home. All we need now, is you.

Thanks for submitting!

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