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Join the #BackOffBackUp CAMPAIGN

Together, let’s make Brighton a safe space for all

Sticker for store, restaurant, bar or other venue front, to be placed within their premises. 


Across Rainbows is rallying Brighton businesses to help people feel safer on the streets. A yellow and black Back Off Back Up sticker in a storefront indicates that anyone feeling concerned can go inside and find help. They can use the safe spot to:

call friend.png

Call a friend or family member to come and get them


Call a taxi to get

home safely

charging phone.png

Charge their phone

emergency services.png

Call the emergency services


Why do we need #BackOffBackUp?

Nobody should have to feel unsafe in public because of their gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or skin colour. And yet many do — every day, even in our wonderfully diverse Brighton.

  • Three in 10 LGBT people avoid certain streets because they don’t feel safe being an openly gay or trans person there.

  • Transgender identity hate crime increased by 37% last year.

  • Offences linked to sexual orientation rose by 25%.

  • Most women (97%) have been harassed in public at some point in their lives.

  • Racism is the most commonly reported hate crime

  • Hate crime has doubled in the last 5 years.

Sadly, being different can make us vulnerable. Sometimes threats aren’t obvious. It’s not always about violence, or verbal abuse. Sometimes it’s just a gut feeling — a sense of being stared at, followed, or just not being welcome. When that gut feeling strikes, having somewhere to retreat to for immediate help, without judgement or questions, can make all the difference.

Can a sticker really help?

Technically, every business should be a place of safety. But asking for help is hard. Even when we feel threatened, it can feel easier to keep our heads down and keep walking, hoping it’ll go away.

Back Off Back Up is a signal that it’s OK to ask for help.

Back Off Back Up is a signal that it’s OK to ask for help. But it isn’t just a sticker in a window. Across Rainbows and participating businesses will be taking to social media and the press to shout about street safety.


Back Off Back Up is a reminder that Brighton’s shops, bars, cafes and restaurants are safe, non-judgemental spaces anyone can hop into to escape a scary or unwanted situation at any time.


Sometimes we just need to know support is out there.

Image by Donny Jiang

Why do we need #BackOffBackUp?

Let’s rally together to make our city safer. If you’d like to take part, you’ll receive:


A window sticker


Digital graphics for social media


Digital information and staff training pack

Simply fill out our quick form and we'll be in contact with you to receive your Back Off Back Up launch pack, and don’t forget to tag Across Rainbows in any social posts so we can help spread the word that you’re on-board!

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Find designated safe venues in Brighton and Hove without fear! 

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