GayEsteem Deficiency

It's a domino effect...

 GayEsteem deficiency is influenced

through environment, social constructs and politics. 

 Which affects our behaviour. 

Which negatively impacts our mental health.

Image by Christian Sterk


A revolutionary, challenging, no BS approach, straight shooting, head hurting programme  that tackles the very core of  the LGBT mental health crisis - GayEsteem deficiency.

It reduces and prevents suicide, depression and self harm in LBGT people as well as lower the incidence of HIV. 


It transforms lives.

Image by Joanna Kosinska




A queer approach


What we all want  is healthy loving relationships . Yet so many of us invent the characters of our partners, requiring and demanding them to be what we need them to be.

Then we feel destroyed, betrayed and devastated when they refuse to perform the role we created for them in the first place. (Adapted from Elizabeth Gilbert) 

In this workshop, we explore the self-destructive cycles we get into when we don't love ourselves.