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What It Is

PinDrop will help you identify the repetitive cycles that are stopping you from positively moving forward and redefining your Queer Identity.

The Why

Being in a Repetitive Paralysis Cycle, is quite common within the LGBTQ+ community. For many of us, it is because we give away too much of our power, our peace, our mindset and our identity to something outside ourselves. As we get stuck in the Repetitive Paralysis Cycle,

  • We constantly jump from interest to interest 

  • We never feeling good enough

  • Our self-worth is dictated by other people

  • We become people pleasers, co-dependants

  • We become ‘too much’ or ‘too little’

  • We fill the void with drugs, food, sex and alcohol

  • We become detached from society and from ourselves.

Yet every time we restart (a new job, relationship, situations, cities, etc) without actually resolving what’s keeping us stuck in the Repetitive Paralysis Cycle, we find ourselves facing the same situation again and again.  

To break the Repetitive Paralysis Cycle, we must navigate 3 barriers to get to where we want to go.

Fear Triggers


Fear: Anger, guilt, anxiety, embarrassment and so on, can all be traced back to a fear somewhere.


The Pink Scripts: We are very talented script writers! We create stories in our minds all the time. Narratives about ourselves, our skills and our abilities. Tales about other people and what they’re thinking about us. Dramas about past experiences we keep active, long after the event has past.


The Belief System:  For most people, their belief system is this invisible force that is influencing their behaviour without them noticing. In order to get unstuck, you have to figure out what beliefs are holding you back and dump them.


These three barriers are always going to be part of your life, but there is a way to navigate through them to get what you want.

How it works

PinDrop is made up of 8 sections and provides a snapshot of where your life is right now; if you are actually making progress or going round in circles.


When you complete the PinDrop, it will give you a spider-like diagram of where in your life you are stuck. It is the perfect tool to begin your journey.

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