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One day you realise that you’ll never be good enough for some people. And that’s ok.

Because no matter how much you try to be what they want you to be and damn it, 

you do try so hard to give them what they want.

Some people just can’t love you for who you are.   They can only love you for who they want you to be. Who they need you to be. Even though you’ve shown them the thousands of scars from the hell you’ve been through,that you have been broken and life’s fucked you up. Some people just want to fix you and make you in to the person they want you to be. Or think you should be. The person that suits them. For them. Some people just don’t understand that you are a fucking masterpiece, broken but beautiful. You don’t need fixing, you’re not a challenge that needs to be solved or managed. You just get tired sometimes and sometimes you get sad. Sometimes when it all gets too much you get unreasonable, you get stressed, you shut down. And that’s you at your worst. Some people can’t love the you who is a broken beautiful mess without trying to fix you. And that's ok... because that's their shit, not yours. When some people don't try to change you or fix you, you open up your heart, you start pulling down walls and you let them in. You love them passionately, igniting their soul, leaving them feeling dizzy and amazing. 

You are magic, chaos and truth.

You are fierce and strong.

You are a fucking beautiful storm!


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