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The choices we make...

Sometimes the choices we make are irrelevant, and sometimes they have a huge impact on everything we are and everything we do. and sometimes they impact other people.

Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like we have a choice. We say “ it’s not my choice” or “I have no choice in the matter”. We choose to let other people choose for us. But we still get to live with the consequences even though it's not our choice.

Sometimes we have big choices to make, life changing ones. But we usually hate anything that has to do with change, even if our life is shit. So we spend a lot of time stressing about the “what ifs?”;

We think up every possible thing that can go wrong, never right; We make lists of the pros and the cons; Writing it down should make it clearer but many times we just go round in circles.

And then we eat too much, we drink lots of Gin and Tonics and bottles of wine.

Sometimes we ask people to help us make a choice. That rarely works. They are not you, so they cannot make your choice for you. You just can’t outsource your choice making.

Some people say ask for guidance from Heaven and pray to the gods, angels, the universe. Does it work? I don’t know. It never worked for me. But people says it works for them. Some people say that we should look at the big picture. What’s that? They don’t know what the big picture looks like but they say you should look at it anyway. Some people say "Just step back". "Let go". Sometimes it is very hard to let go. What are we letting go of? The "what ifs"? The emotional gymnastics? Then they say "let go of the control"….huh? That's ironic because we feel very much out of control when we are trying to make a choice.

There are people who believe that the answers lie in the stars. Tarot cards, astrology, spiritual readings…sometimes they are very accurate. I believe in them. Not everyone does.

There’s no exact formula for making choices. It’s very hit or miss.

Be great if someone could create a formula that is not complicated and head hurting.

Maybe someone can create something that asks just 3 questions that can be applied to any choice making situation.

If you answer "yes" to all 3 questions, then go for it.

If you answer 2 yesses and one no, then wait until you can answer yes to all 3 questions before you go for it.

Three "no’s"… game over!

Sometimes, most times, we get so exhausted with all the over thinking, the stress, the emotional gymnastics and we jump right in.

Eyes wide shut.

Fuck it.


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