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Stephanie: Dominating Sex & Gender - Queerability Podcast


Queerability Podcast

We talk about Stephanie's growing up experiences surrounding gender identity, sex work, queer community, and the AIDs crisis.

"I was born intersex but bought up as male which was very difficult as I only ever self recognised as female which got me bullied mercifully throughout school life and also I was attracted to females from a early age which caused me a lot of confusion.

I was born in Birmingham but grew up in Kidderminster, having a fairly deep West Midland accent causes issues on the phone as I'm constantly being called Sir, despite telling them I'm Stephanie or Mrs Lee.

I have one sister who is 11 months older than me but sadly she refuses to have contact with me.

Due to confusion in life and suffering depression all my life also lost me contact with my children after taking a huge overdose.

I had my own cleaning and landscape gardening business but I've done modelling for many years and also own my own photo studio.

I am passionate about art and my number one hero is Frida Kahlo who I've felt a affinity with all my life, I had the same leg smashed to pieces at the age of four and I can see so much of myself in her.

I love gardening, music, sport, DIY  art, and transport.

I am married to Rosie, a trans female, and we live in Hemel Hempstead but we're in the process of moving into a 5 bedroom detached bungalow set in a acre of ground in Norfolk."


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