What is Queerability?

Queerability is the innate superpower that all LGBTQ+ people have. Yes, we draw on this power to survive and find acceptance, but Queerability is so much more than just ‘getting by’. Queerability is thriving, championing and loving who we are.

When you awaken your Queerability, you:


  • Live every day with unlimited courage, kindness, and resilience.


  • Become the person you want to be, behave how you want to behave, and achieve the goals you desire. 

Ready to make history?


Something historic and unprecedented is happening.

Across Rainbows is pioneering a new era of LGBTQ+ evolution.

Now is our time to shift from simply surviving, to self-actualizing.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

For the first time in human history, we as LGBTQ+ people have the freedom

to connect with our deepest desires to find:


Creative fulfilment  |  Authentic self-confidence  |  True love and intimacy  |  Connection   |  Belonging  |   Self-expression  |  Radiance   |  Contribution  |   Purpose


Together, we will create a brighter future for generations to come.

Image by Mick De Paola

What does Queerability look like?

When we live with Queerability, we become authentically confident and visible. We create loving, growth-oriented relationships, and we live our purpose. We meaningfully contribute to making the world a better place for every LGBTQ+ person on the planet.


We become the people we were born to be, and we create a world that reflects who we are. 


You can use your Queerability in all areas of life, every day.

This is a new era for LGBTQ+ and it’s time to stand up and let our superpower shine.

Find that partner who lifts and loves you, land that amazing job. Go to that dance class, start that hobby you’ve always wanted to try.


With Queerability, the opportunities to thrive are limitless.