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The uniqueness of what we do is that our workshops are a revolutionary, challenging, rapid, fast track, no BS, head hurting, top down, bottom up, process that changes lives.


Across Rainbows workshops and retreats are open to anyone from 18 years old to 80+

During the workshops, you explore how you function in a variety of settings and circumstances, all crafted to allow you to see how you feel about yourself as you interact with others.


You'll experience living with more love, passion, and power.

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The Queerability Circle

The Purpose of Me

In this face-to-face workshop, you'll learn how to ignite the innate superpower of Queerability in all areas of your life. 


You'll discover a unique framework based on the principles of courage, kindness and resilience, to help you get what you want in love, sex and life.


Develop practical tools, gain confidence, clarify your purpose and discover the transformational power of your Queerability by signing up now.

What we cover:

Module 1 – The pink scripts identified 

Module 2 – The roles we play and our hidden gifts 

Module 3 – Repetitive paralysis cycle

Module 4 – Queer boundaries



Handbook, Worksheets, Activities, snacks.

Access to Across Rainbows Newtork and monthly Bubbles


2-2½ hours a week for 4 weeks


£30 per module – Total: £120

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