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The uniqueness of what we do is that our workshops are a revolutionary, challenging, rapid, fast track, no BS, head hurting, top down, bottom up, process that changes lives.


Across Rainbows workshops and retreats are open to anyone from 18 years old to 80+

During the workshops, you explore how you function in a variety of settings and circumstances, all crafted to allow you to see how you feel about yourself as you interact with others.


You'll experience living with more love, passion, and power.

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The PINKPRINT Workshop  

'Who am I?’ By not knowing the answer to the question, you keep on creating new identities of yourself. Because of not knowing your true identity, you believe yourself to be who they tell you you are.

Some of the many benefits and outcomes for you:

• Take back what it means to be queer

• Take back what it means to be you

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Queer Boundaries Workshop

Boundaries are healthy, normal and necessary. Boundaries define who we are, what we are responsible for and where we have limits and limitations.

Some of the many benefits and outcomes for you:

• A stronger sense of physical and mental well-being

• A more positive self-image and identity

• More success and fulfilment 

Time is TBD   I   Location is TBD

The Unmasking of a Queer Love Addict Workshop

It’s sort of love… gone pathological and exhaustingly theatrical with sobbing, arguments, dramatic meltdowns, shaming confrontations, cruel words, calculated silences, broken hearts.

Some of the many benefits and outcomes for you:

• Learn to identify the qualities and traits of a love addict and love avoidant

• Understand why a queer relationship cannot and should not be based on    heterosexual norms

• Explore what a loving relationship and healthy intimacy based on trust,         respect, and love, looks like

Time is TBD   I   Location is TBD

The Making of a Future Icon Workshop

If you can’t be your true self, there’s no way you can be a future icon.

For 18 – 25 year old's.

Some of the many benefits and outcomes for you:

• Ignite your inner icon and create the life you deserve

• Have better sex/intimacy relationships

• Revolutionise your decision making

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