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Michelle: Self & Sensitivity - Queerability Podcast


Queerability Podcast


Michelle is a certified Transformative Life & Mindset Coach. She has helped many sensitive souls to overcome toxic environments, and become independent and purposeful...


The discovery of her highly sensitive trait as well as coming out in her mid 20’s, sparked an accelerated learning and inner work in her own life. 


Toxic and narcissistic abuse was very familiar to her. This sense of familiarity drew her into a subconsciously driven repeated pattern of entering toxic environments. From home, to the workplace, and even relationships.


Things started to take a turn for the better in her early 30’s. Her discovery of Coaching finally enabled the transformational changes to take place in her life. To finally break these negative patterns, and value herself for all that she is. 


Michelle is now living a life of purpose, with a mission to to help many others finally break free of the negative patterns in their lives. So that they too can finally become the independent and purposeful souls that they were always meant to be.

For more about her work, visit Michelle's website


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