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Oedipussi Rex: The Mx-adventures of a Drag Barbarian - Queerability Podcast

Oedipussi Rex

Queerability Podcast

Today's episode we are looking into non-binary and the Drag King scene.  Our guest today, is a legendary drag performer Oedipussi Rex

Oedipussi Rex is truly the stuff of legend- i.e, Loud, chaotic and wildly inconsistent. The Beardiest of Drag Barbarians and all around hot mess, this hairy beast has been pillaging his way internationally across the land for longer that he is able to count, leaving piles of eco glitter, wool and the echoes of hardcore kazoo solos in his wake. 

He is the creator of the monthly Cabaret Gameshow ‘Dragiators’, Scartist in residence at the RVT’s Pop Horror, and generally has a reputation for bringing acts of mythic proportions and creative facial hair to every stage he stomps haphazardly about on. Just don’t ask him too much about his Mum.


Epic or Tragic? You Decide!

In this episode we discuss:

  • The queer metal scene

  • Non-binary

  • Drag king scene

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