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Living in a world gone mad

In a world where LGBTQ+ hate crimes are on the rise

It targets those like you and me.

We try to explain and to understand.

We negotiate. We mend.

But hate persists, it seems, without an end.

In a world that can be far from accepting,

We step back. We apologise. Sometimes withdraw.

We get angry, and then we get blamed.

For simply being ourselves. It's a world gone mad.

We're forced to conform. To play small.

As if our existence is an offence to all.

We become invisible. Our true selves erased.

Trying to survive in a world where hate is embraced.

The voices inside cry out, "This isn't right,"

But too often, we're silenced. Out of sight.

We keep our heads low. Pretend it's not real.

In this mad world, prejudice is hard to repeal.

We speak their language. We try not to offend.

We're taught to be less. Take less.To not defend.

To not take too much space. To give them time.

But is mere tolerance where this all ends?

In this world gone mad, laws are cast aside,

Politicians fuel the flames of discrimination, worldwide,

Making it all too real; it's a world of fear and dread,

A world in chaos and upheaval.

Our community once again under attack. It's evil.

Speaking up and making our voices heard

In a world where hate's pervasive, it’s not always easy.

To be ourselves, in a world where hatred is stirred

Is hard but we know the harsh truth. Our courage and love will never blur!

If we don't stand up, we might find,

We're hidden in shadows, our identities confined,

Suppressed, oppressed, concealed from view,

In this world gone mad, it's hard to know what to do.

Every soul deserves love. It's our right.

To be our authentic selves. To love. To live without a fight.

Every one of us has the right to be free,

To love who we choose. To simply be.

Without fear, prejudice, or hateful disdain,

It's time for change. We can break the chain.

In this world gone mad, let's make love and kindness reign.

Luciana 14.10.23


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