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TIN: The Sounds of Tin - Queerability Podcast


Queerability Podcast


TIN is a queer Australian pop singer songwriter blazing his way through the UK. Inspired by the boy bands and girl groups of the noughties, TIN loves to create pop music that gives you all the feels. TIN’s lyrics are often about his misadventures as an outlandish gay creative just wanting to inspire and move people.


Prior to the pandemic, TIN toured Europe with over 20 shows in six different countries, during which time was sponsored by international underwear brand, Andrew Christian. He has since released cover music videos for two of his childhood favourites - Viva Forever by the Spice Girls and Bye Bye Bye by ‘NSync. 2021 marks his first original release in three years to celebrate Pride month with his dance track, Firm. This will be the lead of several original tracks for his upcoming EP, Sex Cologne and Cigarettes which he has dubbed his ‘stories of being a f**k boy in pop music form’.


"I like to write about real life things: experiences that everyone has, but sometimes don't have a means to express. I find great songs maintain a balance of being unique and relatable all at the same time and when people hear this, a connection is made. I strive to have people connect through my music, whether it be with me or with one another"

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