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A look. A smile. A kiss.

It begins with a look, a shy smile,

Maybe an invite to drink coffee, together.

Accidental brushes, followed by cute blushes,

Hearts beat fast, conversation stops and starts

Under the table, she slowly reaches for your hand

You feel the heat and hold on, tight.

You look up and (think) you see desire in her eyes.

Yes, yes yes, you say but not aloud

You lean in but quickly lean out again

Is it too soon? To kiss the girl?

And now she is leaning in, and you watch closely

Looking for clues that she wants you too.

She kisses you, then pulls away, quickly.

She takes her hand away. Why?

So many thoughts, so many questions,

But paralysed with uncertainty, you can only wait

In your mind, you kiss her, drowning in the softness of her mouth

Holding her close, your tongues engage

Neither one can pull away.

And then, and it’s for real this time and

It’s no accident this time,

Her hand is on your thigh,

Bodies slightly trembling with longing,

Eyes bright with desire, you move towards each other.

The kisses are so intense, so full of hope.

You're overwhelmed. You don't ever want to come up for air.

You're breathless. Yet you still breath.

And then she smiles and says let’s go,

You are both unsteady with desire, arms wrapped in tight


Bodies feverish with longing, lust and grace.

Just 2 girls walking home,


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