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Everyone has a right to feel safe and respected

To my friends, family and the people I know and those I have not yet met, tomorrow we are launching a fundraising campaign to create a safer Brighton & Hove for everyone.

I am very nervous. But here I am. This is way bigger than me and my insecurities.

It’s about every person’s right to feel safe and respected.

Because we all have a right to live our lives free from violence.

We should all be able to walk in public places without receiving unwanted comments or gestures.

Street harassment in Brighton & Hove is increasing, like in other cities.

Many of us have experienced street harassment and many experience it on a daily basis.

Who has not experienced at least one of the following:

• Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic slurs, insulting or demeaning comments

• Comments, requests, and demands

• Comments on physical appearance,

• Flashing

• Following or stalking

• Groping

• Intentionally invading personal space or blocking the way

• Persistent requests for your name, number, or other information

• Public masturbation or touching